Q.  Will I Get Seasick?

Our Boat And Time On The Water Greatly Reduce The Chance Of Sea Sickness As Our Low Profile Does Not Rock Aggressively Compared To The Traditional Whale Watching Boats. Be Sure To Eat At Least A Light Meal. Consider Taking Precautions If You Know You Are Sensitive.

Q.  How Many People Can Be On The Boat?

Our Boat Is USCG Certified For 6 Passenger Maximum. Weight Limit Per Person: 275 Lbs.

Q.  Cancellations?

Ocean Conditions Change Very Rapidly... Fog, Wind, Swell Etc. This Company Cancels Tours If Those Conditions Occur. We Really Want You To See Whales On Your Whale Watching Tour And Have A Good Time In The Best Sea Conditions.

Sorry, No-Shows And Cancellations Do Not Get A Refund. 

Q.  What Should I Wear/Bring?

DRESS WARM! We Recommend You Show Up To The Boat With An Extra Layer Of Clothing. We Recommend You Bring A Jacket Or Windbreaker. It Is Typically A Lot Cooler On The Water Than On Land And Temperatures May Change Throughout Your Excursion. We Supply Life Vests For All Ages.

Q.  How Fast Do You Go?

We Go FAST! That Gives Us More Quality Time With The Whales. We Always Operate Within Safe Parameters For The Sea’s Changing Conditions And With Utmost Respect For The Marine Life.

Q.   What Are Your Age Requirements?

No Age Requirements. This Is An Fast Adventure Tour. You Know If Your Children Can Handle It.

Q.   Where Are You Located?

Port San Luis Pier on the Public Landing middle of the Pier