Great White Shark filmed by Captain Micheal Brink in San Luis Obispo County.

It’s great white shark season in the Pacific Ocean and this week Michael Brink, owner of SLO.TOURS, had a close encounter with one during a charter. Brink and his passengers were investigating a dead Pacific white-sided dolphin that they found floating in the ocean, when all of a sudden they noticed a big shark rubbing itself against the side of the boat.

Brink estimates that the shark was about 18-20 feet long. He was able to capture some film of it swimming around with the GoPro that he had been using to film the dead dolphin. Possibly attracted by the scent of the dolphin’s blood in the water, it came to investigate the scene and it was curious enough to examine the boat as well.

Brink was certain that it was indeed a great white shark, but he sent the footage off to the experts at the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment just to be sure. Both organizations confirmed that the shark was indeed a great white. Dr. Barbara Block, researcher and professor of marine sciences at Stanford, replied that it in fact looks like an individual known to her research group. She might be able to identify the shark with closer analysis and cross-referencing their own great white shark photo database.

Brink, who has spent his entire life around the water, added that this was the first time he had ever seen a great white shark. Apparently, it stayed in the area for about 20 minutes and then swam off without taking a bite of the dead dolphin. “I was in awe,” Brink said.

Check out the GoPro footage: GREAT WHITE SHARK