Thanks Taste Of SLO for the Sharing!

San Luis Obispo has so much to do! Hiking, horseback riding, wine tasting, eating, beaches, sail boats, arts, performances, etc. Finding the right thing for you “to do” can intimidating. The great news is, tours exist to let you sample the whole gamut.  Tours are defined as “a journey for pleasure in which many different places are visited”. I find that tours combine three elements of pleasure: the ability to visit many spots rather than just one, a guided experience about all that you’re seeing and doing, and the concierge service of tailoring personal, future ideas to each individual.

Here’s my personal list of fun tours to experience in the San Luis Obispo area.

Sailing & Whale Watching: This time of the year is primo whale watching. You can spot Humpback and Grey Whales, and sometimes even Orcas! Sailing is a perfect way to enjoy a little salt life, see a plethora of wildlife, and a wonderful place to enjoy a bottle of local wine. Try SLOSailing or SLO.Tours.